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About Products

Q: How do I choose the sized mat that is right for me?

A: Usually, our small size mats are used for specific painful areas or portable reasons. If you want to apply it to whole-body health management, the best way to choose the size of the mat is based on your height.

Q: Where can I use my mat?

A: It depends on the size of mat you ordered. According to the size, you can use your mat on the floor, bed, sofa, chair and massage table.

Q: How long does the mat take to heat up?

A: After setting the temperature, the product can quickly heat up without long waiting.

Q: Can I sleep on my mat the whole night?

A: Yes. There is no limit to the usage time. If you plan to sleep on it all night, we recommend that you use a slightly warm and comfortable temperature (maximum 40°C/104°F) instead of a too hot temperature.

Q: How often can I use the mat?

A: You can use it every day.

Q: Is it safe to use the mat every day?

A: Yes, it is safe. No harm to the body. Our mats without any harmful electronic magnetic fields emissions. Double silicone isolation of heating elements and by the special EMI (electromagnetic waves interceptor) layers with copper, charcoal fiber and aluminum foil and etc.can effectively intercept EMF.

Q: What is the recommended temperature for using the mat?

A: We recommend that you start with the lowest temperature. Gradually adjust until you find temperature that is comfortable for you. You can cover your mat with a blanket or towel to keep the heat inside and make it hotter. If the stones are too hot for you, the blanket or towel can also protect your skin. You can also prepare a glass of water by your side to add moisture in time.

  • 35-40 °C (95-104 °F) suitable for overnight use

  • 45-50 °C (113-122 °F) suitable for more than 2 hours

  • 55-60 °C (131-140 °F) suitable for 30-90 minutes

  • 65-70 °C (149-158 °F) suitable for 30-60 minutes

Q: Can I travel with my mat?

A: Yes. The mat is easily folded and you can put it into a suitable suitcase.

Q: Where do the negative ions and far infrared come from?

A: They come from gemstones. These gemstones on our mats release negative ions and far infrared when heated. They can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, discharges toxins and add vitality to the body.

Q: How do I clean, store and maintain the product?

A: Turn off the power and wipe off the dust with a dry soft cloth. It is forbidden to wash it with water directly. Do not use chemicals for cleaning, otherwise it may cause material deterioration. Keep the product away from sharp objects and flammable objects. Do not store the product in a high temperature, humidity and dusty environment. When not in use, put the product in the packaging bag and store it in a safe, dry and ventilated place. No other objects should be stored on the product to prevent crushing it.

About Shipping and Returns

Q: How do I track my goods?

A: We will upload the tracking number to your order right now once we obtain the tracking number. Then you can check the logistic information and track your goods.

Q: What kind of express delivery do you use to transport the goods?

A: We will use the most suitable express delivery method for you according to the address you provide.

Q: How long will the order take to ship after the order is placed?

A: Your goods will be sent to our freight forwarder the next day after you place the order. Please keep in mind that if your order has any questions or concerns, it maybe delayed. But please rest assured, our staff will contact you as soon as possible to speed up your delivery. We reserve up to two working days for order processing time to ensure that your order is correct.

Q: How to request Return & Refund?

A: If the product is not damaged due to improper use within 7 days, you can send it back and we will refund. Before returning the product, please be sure to contact us. After you returned the product to us, please provide us with the tracking number. All returned items must be in their original packaging and condition.