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Tourmaline Thermotherapy

Explore Tourmaline

Tourmaline was first discovered in Sri Lanka and was regarded as precious gemstone. People have noticed that this kind of gemstone will be charged when heated. This phenomenon is called pyroelectric effect.


Tourmaline can permanently generate micro currents, which are similar to the currents of human nerves, so that it can promote blood circulation. In addition, tourmaline can also release negative ions. These negative ions can regulate the body's ion balance, relax body and mind, activate cells, improve self-healing rate and many other effects.


Tourmaline also contains various natural minerals. When people come into contact with tourmaline or sweat in such a room, these minerals needed by the human body will be easily absorbed by the weak current of tourmaline to achieve the role of supplementing human trace elements. In addition, tourmaline can also release far-infrared rays, which penetrate deep into the body, warm cells, promote blood circulation and metabolism.


Tourmaline Research

The record of tourmaline began in ancient Ceylon, and later discovered that it has electrical and piezoelectric properties, and was used in infrared spectroscopy and thermal imaging instruments. In 1880, Jacques and Pierre discovered the piezoelectric effect of tourmaline for the first time. In 1989, the Japanese scholar Kubo discovered for the first time that tourmaline has spontaneous electrodes and that there is an electrostatic field around tourmaline particles. A series of applied researches on the electric field effect of tourmaline powder have been launched. A new wave of research in the field. Since then, scholars from Japan, the United States and other countries have started applied research in this area, and successively applied for a number of patents.


Tourmaline Functions

  • Promotes the body's metabolism

  • Regulates the function of the central nervous system

  • Regulates the cerebral cortex

  • Effectively improves heart disease.

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Regulates the body's acid-base balance

  • Purifies the blood

  • Effectively removes free radicals in the human body

  • Enhances the body’s disease resistance

  • Has the effect of delaying aging