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PEMF Therapy

Do you know about PEMF?

PEMF is a kind of light, its wavelength can reach up to 2000 kilometers, so called ultra-long wave, ultra-long wave in motion will produce 3000 small vibrations per minute, thus forming a vibration wave.PEMF is a kind of substance that is beneficial and harmless to the human body. It generates internal heat when it penetrates human tissues, which is called Joule heat by physicists. PEMF can promote blood circulation, accelerate the elimination of impurities, have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and have a good effect on chronic inflammation.


PEMF Powerful Healing Properties

  • Transmittance

PEMF can easily penetrate various substances, can penetrate into the human body 12cm, reach the internal lesions of the body, and stimulate the acupuncture points of the human body, just like the principle of acupuncture. It can eliminate the fatigue accumulated in all main parts of the human body.


  • Electromagnetic Induction

PEMF can increase the cell's transmembrane potential, supplement the magnetic energy of the cells, increase the activity of lymphocytes, accelerate the body's metabolism and enhance the ability to resist diseases.


  • Vibration

PEMF can magnetize the trace elements in the human body, cause resonance with time and the direction of the magnetic field, improve aerobic metabolism, accelerate blood circulation.


PEMF Bring Energy to Body

PEMF has the effect of penetrating and magnetizing the human body. It can eliminate harmful toxins in the body, activate human cells and promote the metabolism of human cells. Help eliminate physical and mental fatigue, improve blood oxygen carrying capacity, enhance the vitality of blood, nerves, bones and internal organs and tissues. Help relieve blood clots and strokes, promote metabolism and improve the body's immunity. Naturally burns excess fat, promotes intestinal peristalsis and improves tissue cell capacity. Effectively improve sleep quality, improve physical fitness and improve health.