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Amethyst Thermotherapy

Do you know Amethyst?

As we all know, amethyst can naturally produce infrared rays and negative ions. In this case, amethyst is not only used to focus the far-infrared energy, but also helps calm and protect the mind and nervous system. These therapeutic components of work can establish faster communication between the brain and the body, then stabilize all organs of the body and support a healthy immune system.


Health Benefits of Amethyst

Amethyst corresponds to the eyebrow chakra in the seven chakra system, so it can promote the activity of brain cells and make the brain run faster, thereby developing intelligence, helping thinking, focusing and enhancing memory. It helps to regulate people's emotional stability, improve intuition, enhance imagination and give us more courage and strength.


Due to its cleansing power, one of the main effects of Amethyst is detoxification.

It promotes the cleansing of the body from the inside out. This includes cleansing and opening the chakras, cleansing the blood, and removing toxins from the body.


One of the most effective ways to use amethyst to detox your body is to place our H Classic Fullbody Mat in the room where you often stay, so that your body can be surrounded by its purifying energy on a regular basis.


Amethyst generally helps relieve pain. Its soothing energy can relieve pain and help reduce stress and fatigue. To use amethyst to relieve stress and fatigue, please lie on our H Classic Super Pro Mat. Close your eyes and imagine crystal healing your stress and fatigue.


Amethyst can also increase the quality of sleep and activate the cells of the right brain, cerebellum and central nervous system.